recent work :

recent work

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baadsvik-views small

Recently world-renowned Norwegian tuba (beat-boxing) soloist Oystein Baadsvik hired my partner (Chris Tobias) and I (via Stereotonic) to create some t-shirt designs for him. Here’s the design Oystein selected. It uses Oystein’s idea of, ” make FNUGG not war”. Fnugg, we’re told, is a Norwegian word for something very small like a snowflake. It’s also the name of one of Oystein’s most popular compositions. Check it out!

shirt for O

Below, Scott Dishman of The Family Effect (Greenville County’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse) commissioned an entire re-brand. (The Family Effect is an organization working to remove addiction as a leading cause of family collapse and harm to children.) This was fun as it gave me a chance to do a bit of illustration as well as design…not to mention its a great cause!

TFE web home comp v3 blog

cover front 3d


cover back 3d

Show banners for The Family Effect
brochure and banners 3d

Temporary landing/holding page for future website.

TFE web temp master

Logo design for The Family Effect

Scott shared this photo (by artist/photographer Polly Gaillard) with me. It does a great job depicting the sad result of drug and alcohol addiction. It is indeed a “quiet sickness”.





Here it is, Stereotonic’s first client project! If you’d like, you can check out the sweet sounds of this fantastic brass quintet.


Just co-created (with the venerable Chris Tobias) a brand for Spectrum Quintet’s new Gershwin album.

Well, it’s official! Chris Tobias and I just launched our new music branding business website Today! You can check it out at


find your smile

Sometimes I’m asked to make up stories and do some illustration.

These were for a project called “The Frowners”. A Dr. Suess-style story about a little guy’s journey to find his missing smile. It paralleled the client’s story of providing dental care for impoverished individuals and showing them their “smile” inside. This 1st drawing is called: “Wanted: Smile”

never give up

“Never Give Up!”


“The Smile Inside”

watermark cover blk copy

Changing gears. Here are a few comps for Wilderness Kayak’s ’09 catalog. (My client: Brains on Fire)

open brochure

open brochure 2 copy

cm cover

cm spread 1

cm spread 2

Hey, check it out! My Creation Museum spots (produced at Duck Studios for JDA) won 2 SilverTelly Awards. I’m told that there were more than 14,000 entries. I didn’t know they were entered in ANY contests. So, wow! What a great surprise! Wanna see?


Hey-hey! “Happy In Greenville” is live! Grow Interactive and Aaron at Greene Photographs were cool to work with, as was my client Cathy Harrison at Brains on Fire and the gutsy Somer L. This was a blast to creative direct and illustrate. What a gift to be asked to do this! You’re awesome Cathy and Somer! Oh, and I also want to point out that Joe at Grow did all the background, prop and some of the character “extras” drawings. Nice job Joe! Click on the image and check it out! (there are lot’s of surprising Easter eggs).


Here’s an early animation test and drawing for the line up of doctors…


flying faith sculpt

Here’s a little sculpt I did to work out the perspective for Faith “The flying jetpack nurse” for Happy in Greenville’s intro sequence.

top floor, please.