hi my name is bryan

box-on-blk-2Software box comp. Part of a rebrand for NC based software company, Galaxy Digital.


Brand elements for Galaxy Digital. I like these little astro guys…


2 weeks ago, I was asked to do a rush job for Chick-fil-A’s Rock the Block party! Here are some shots Crystal (at Chick-fil-A) sent me today! Thanks Crystal! Also, you can check out the quickie splash page designed for the  event at: www.uncday.com



cfa-unc-day-blog hi

cfa unc sign

cfa-unc-ticket 3

rtb joel and luke
Joel & Luke performing at the Chick-fil-A UNC Day concert – photo by Crystal Ritter.

spike 750

Over the last year, I worked with Billy Ivey and former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn (plus Cathy & crew) to create a fresh brand for Spike’s new venture: “We, the Pizza”.  (sneak peak on NBC Washington)  We, the Pizza is the first pizza restaurant on “the Hill”. (Opening this Summer).  You can read more about Spike and his endeavors at: spikethechef.com


WeThePizza-LoRes-21WeThePizza-LoRes-15WeThePizza-LoRes-18WeThePizza-LoRes-41 reEarly design exploration…wtp logo comps 2

Spend any amount of time with Cathy, Spike, Mike or Micheline and you will quickly realize they are setting out to do far more than sell pizza. So, we set out to create a brand for them that would reflect their ideals & aspirations. Hey, why can’t pizza have an aspirational brand anyway? Why can’t farm fresh chef-made pizza-by-the-slice, homemade gelatos and italian sodas be a vehicle in bringing people together?

BIlly copy below…

we copy by Billy copy

wtp - coming together

Here’s a concept for a pizza box lid I made to illustrate the idea of coming together…unity.

wtp inspiration and helmet Some inspiration…and a helmet I wish they needed. Hehe. They won’t be offering delivery. But if they did… vespas all the way!


more comps & development work

wtp concepts


bryans model 1st floor lft

red=graphics areas


wtp - final logo on box

wtp bag






wtp outside 3d sign

Store signage comp

See Spike Eat.